Preliminary pictures from Ireland


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Watch out, James Cameron (and Steph), I got me a 4K camera and a mediocre uncontested jumpshot

MORNING HOOPS from Matt Luk on Vimeo.

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Various Lifeforms Doing Various Things


01-DSC_0389 02-DSC_0391 03-DSC_0393 04-DSC_0394 05-DSC_0403 06-DSC_0405 07-DSC_0411 08-DSC_0412


09-DSC_0418 10-DSC00173

Sporting( CT High School State’s Championship):

11-DSC_0025 12-DSC_0039 13-DSC_0045 14-DSC_0087 15-DSC_0091 16-DSC_0105 17-DSC_0111 18-DSC_0118 19-DSC_0122 20-DSC_0123 21-DSC_0139 22-DSC_0148 23-DSC_0156 24-DSC_0207 25-DSC_0219 26-DSC_0220 27-DSC_0240 28-DSC_0251 29-DSC_0281 30-DSC_0289 31-DSC_0310 32-DSC_0327 33-DSC_0331 34-DSC_0367

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Health Care Advocacy

Hi blog and blog readers, long time no see! In short, I’m still in med school and it’s going much better. The long story will have to wait.

I wanna to post because a) I am on my psych rotation and the hours are much much more amenable to keeping up with hobbies and b) I had my first real brush with (semi) big-time politics last night. I’ve always had an inkling that I might one day work myself into a role involving healthcare policies/politics/advocacy, but I figured it’s best that I actually get some medical experience under my belt rather than just going off and espousing views other people put in my brain.

In any case, last night I took advantage of an opportunity offered by the medical student education office of the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center and attended their 1st Annual Mental Health Symposium for free. A $85 value, including free dinner and coffffffee! You know how I love deals. But also, the topic of “Office Based Strategy for Anxious Kids” was interesting to me as well. While I was certainly the only non-pediatric and non-psych person there, I feel that it’s just good to know about these things…even/especially for the ED (oh, did I mention I’m going into Emergency Medicine?). Plus, did I mention the free food?

The presentation by Dr Eli Lebowitz and Dr. Carol Weitzman from Yale was certainly enlightening…if a little obvious to my mind, but what I really appreciated was just finding out about the variety of services available for pediatric mental health in the area. I also gained some insight on my own thinking and my tendency to blame parents for poorly behaving children when it may in fact be more multifactorial.


In any case, I suppose the highlight of the night and the real impetus for this post was the speech by Senator Chris Murphy, the junior senator for CT in the US Senate. Originally he was scheduled to speak via video conference but he ended up coming in person. I found him quite engaging as a speaker. Further, I found his message of “hey, we are doing things in Congress!” to be surprisingly heartening. In particular he was describing the progress of the Mental Health Reform Act of 2016 through the two chambers of Congress and highlighting some of the key provisions therein. That was encouraging. Of course the bill is not perfect, and no bill can ever be perfect, but the stories of cooperation (Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders voting yes on the same piece of legislation!) gives me some hope. Of course, as die-hard cynic/skeptic, I chalk up much of the speech as simple politicizing. But in truth, the bill does indeed include many well thought out components, and if it does eventually become law I think it will do a lot of good. Thankfully, as Senator Murphy insisted, there is substantial momentum for Congress to actually act…maybe even this year! Now I just have to read the damn thing in whole so I make sure that I’m not just spouting off unverified praise…

Well, I think that will do for now, see as I do have to go into work at some point, and that point is drawing near. In preview, however, I’ll have it known that I have been picking up many new hobbies in addition to continuing to garden. So watch out for those posts coming up (maybe) if that’s something you’re into. Oh and I got a new car and she’s gorgeous.


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some pictures from the past few months


dinner for one


snack for two



At the National Zoo:

03-DSC_7642 04-DSC_7670 05-DSC_7684 06-DSC_7695 07-DSC_7699

No the keeper isn’t stabbing the cloud leopard, she’s just feeding her through the fence….and the meatball fell off.

08-DSC_7709 09-DSC_7718

This is what pandas look like when they poop. And they poop fluorescent yellow pineapples.

10-DSC_7739 11-DSC_7750 12-DSC_7754

Those are some sort of dwarf mongooses/mongeese.

13-DSC_7761 14-DSC_7763

And of course, meerkats.


15-DSC_7833 16-DSC_7866At Monticello


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Cool trailer for a documentary on ultimate in Chennai, India…and Fresh Off the Boat!

I had heard about this on Twitter, but only today did I watch the trailer since so many of my friends put in on their Facebook. My friend Alex Steele from Vassar actually played with these kids and helped out coaching them when he lived in India, which makes it extra cool. It does look pretty awesome, and combined with the premaire of Fresh Off the Boat, the adaptation of Eddie Huang’s recent memoir of his Asian-American immigrant experience, I think I’m losing a good deal of the mystery that surrounds my life. But maybe once in awhile it’s nice to be less impenetrable. Below are some links to interviews with, pieces about, and an essay written by Eddie Huang. I essentially agree with the first NYTimes article and the Chinkstranaunt himself…i.e. yes this is a bastardized and white-washed version of his book, but hopefully it will whet the mainstream’s appetite enough for following seasons/episodes to be more daring. I am, however, a little afraid that he’ll give away our secrets/mystique too much…but I think that’s probably an unwarranted fear. In any case, the show is premiering tonight at 8:30 PM on ABC.…/magazine/eddie-huang-against-the-w……/meet-eddie-huang-the-memoi…/

“175 Grams” | Sundance Short Film Challenge from Sundance Institute on Vimeo.

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