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some pictures from the past few months

dinner for one snack for two *** At the National Zoo: No the keeper isn’t stabbing the cloud leopard, she’s just feeding her through the fence….and the meatball fell off. This is what pandas look like when they poop. And … Continue reading

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Cool trailer for a documentary on ultimate in Chennai, India…and Fresh Off the Boat!

I had heard about this on Twitter, but only today did I watch the trailer since so many of my friends put in on their Facebook. My friend Alex Steele from Vassar actually played with these kids and helped out … Continue reading

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Clamstache Funtimes 2014

This was the most funnest time I had playing ultimate in awhile. Well I guess Potlatch was pretty tight (and Wildwood wasn’t half-bad this year), but this was far cheaper and generally doper. Both were great combination of good ultimate, … Continue reading

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