Interim 2?

Sure sign of updating my blog more often than I am used to: the lack of a super witty title. So let’s see…since Oct. 2nd things haven’t necessarily changed much for the better, but neither have they taken a turn for the worst. I guess that is something?

I suppose the most significant thing that has happened since is that I went home to Connecticut for a few short days and had my interview with UConn. It was really nice to be home (as it always seems when visiting) and the interview was pretty good. I definitely stumbled on a key question or two but I think they had a generally positive impression. Guess that I all I can hope for. It was weird and comforting and sad to be back in New England/the Northeast. Was a little emotional when I encountered the familiar smell/sights of fall in the Northeast. Didn’t help much with the whole I’m a gigantic nostalgic wuss thing. It was nice (can’t think of a better word…comforting?) to spend some time with my mother though. And I enjoyed playing with the new puppy that my mom and Greg got. Can’t tell if the thing is improperly/insufficiently trained or if it’s just too young to be able to behave (is this a thought people have about human babies?). It also seemed like something out of a TV show to take (semi) long walks with my mom and our dog while discussing/lamenting my future. I suppose I had hoped to gain some assurance/encouragement about my situation and I certainly got some of those. I didn’t expect, or receive, any epiphanies per se. But I suppose I just need to keep taking it one day at a time. Or something.

In other news, I played my first game of The Settler’s of Catan this past Thursday, which is sort of remarkable given that it seemed like everyone I knew in college was obsess with the game. After playing, I can attest that it is truly an excellent game. Though, like any slow developing strategy games (i.e. Monopoly/Risk etc.) one must be very careful of who you choose to play with. It can really go downhill quickly if not everyone is fully committed.  And, I suppose, playing with six players and the expansion board tends to make the game last a lot longer.


Also attended my first Duke basketball related function. Jennie and I went to the pep rally (aka Countdown to Craziness) on Friday and I had my first look inside Cameron Indoor Stadium, Coach K, and the 2012-13 Duke team. Everyone was quite excited and while I am still a little skeptical of my allegiance, I got a pretty good preview of how exciting an actual game might be. Do need to get rid of my lingering and pretty inexplicable dislike of Duke basketball to really enjoy the games though. Guess I’ve always been a Connecticut fan by association and I have no real ties/reason to switch other than convenience. But it’s not like Duke is going to play Connecticut in the regular season anyways.


Also, we got fresh oysters from our fish-share last week, which was awesome. While not the best oysters I’ve ever had, they were very meaty and quite briny. Opening them was also quite a challenge…which made them just a little more tasty. Good thing I brought that shucking knife I randomly bought in Cape Cod one summer.



Also, while we’re on the topic of food…Jennie and I went to Watt’s Grocery for my birthday on the 3rd, and here is a shoddy picture of some pretty delicious pork roast. Man I love me some pickled onions.

Side note…sorry for the recent spate of low quality phone pictures. I haven’t really broken out my real camera for any occasion and I figured some illustration, even blurry ones, is better than none.

Oh and I have started doing some volunteering at the Life and Science Museum. I’m not sure how much I like it. It’s a lot like the work I did at the Millbrook/Trevor Zoo except it’s a lot more cleaning and less interactions with animals. I guess it’s just a larger organization and there fewer situations where they are short handed to the point that they would let a volunteer step in and help with something critical. Like instead of helping to hold down a red panda during its physical I just watched a red wolf’s check-up from outside of the room. There is also a lot more farm animal mucking (cow shit sure is heavy to shovel) and diet preparation. So far. I guess the students at Millbrook pretty much handled most of the routine stuff and I was just able to pick up extra/more interesting work. Having to start work at 8 AM is also a downside for sure.

Planning to go to a Bobcat-Heat preseason game tomorrow in Raleigh. Which is funny, because I don’t think I can name a single player on the Bobcats (wait…DJ something? Florida? DJ Augustine?) and I basically hate the Heat more than any other NBA team. But I didn’t want to pass up a chance to see LeBron play for a short drive and a cheap ticket. Even though he’ll probably play all of 5 minutes, or be held out completely… And Ray Allen sure WAS one swell dude. And I could always use something to liven up my Tuesday nights. Though I did have to shuffle my food truck shift a little to do so.

Also this Friday we’re flying up to NY for Vassar’s annual home tournament. It should be a pretty good time. If I don’t let myself get stressed out with figuring out where to sleep and who exactly I want to see and for how long…

And now it’s time for me to rush away and do something that probably doesn’t need to be done. I think the feeling of having lots of unimportant little things on my plate is a pretty major side-effect of my current situation… Even though I have very few actual responsibilities, I rarely feel at peace with myself.

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