Istanbul -> Uganda -> Dubai -> London

The number of pictures do not reflect the amount of time I spent in each country…48 hrs in Turkey, one month in Uganda, 7 hrs in Dubai, and 4 days in London.

This (in Uganda) was my first time actually doing medically related things abroad, and first time really staying put for a significant amount of time in one place. It was…different…and interesting to become a little bit more intertwined with everything. Providing international medical care in a non-urgent/relief setting seems sort of ethically ambiguous to me and is inevitably fraught with questions of how helpful one really is. As usual the answer to this question depends highly on who you ask. Some patients are certainly helped directly by the additional resources and sometimes expertise we bring but the question remains whether by providing a temporary increase in capacity we are in fact stunting the development of local solutions. Indeed in a way it sounds silly to say that providing aid is sometimes a bad thing, until one realizes that there are inevitably countless ways to define aid depending on the perspective of the participants. It is easy enough to gift the wrong thing to your own family member, with whom you are presumably familiar, imagine how difficult it must be to divine the needs/wishes/hopes/dreams of people far more physically and culturally distant from ourselves. I would hazard to say that, like Christmas, the general concept of global health/aid is an admirable endeavour…but one still has to be careful not to presume too much and fall into self-righteous indignation if offers and overtures are spruned from time to time. After all, one can hardly be faulted to be suspicious of ulterior motives when foreigners come bearing gifts…


Topaki Palace



(Rwanda) -> Uganda


Bwindi Impenetrable Park & its famous inhabitants


(Still) life at Mutolere/Kisoro


the Fort Knox of honey of Kisoro


Ascent of Mt Muhavura… 2,721 m or so (~15,000 ft)

…and descent…


Dubai, the Port of

Dubai, the Metropolis of (from the Burj Khalifa)


Victoria and Albert Museum, London


Fowls of Hyde Park



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