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Madaba, Kerak, Wadi Dana, and Shoubak/Montreal

All of these things officially happened more than a year ago… Can’t say I’ve been busy up to my ears all of this time, but it certainly takes a certain threshold of leisure/free time/relaxation/guilt to work my way through one … Continue reading

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Beersheva, Masada, Ein Gedi, and the Dead Sea

After Tel Aviv, Dan and I took the train to Beersheva in the south of the country. It’s the capital of Negev Province, i.e. the fucking desert. It’ pretty dusty provincial city with not much to offer for the typical tourist. … Continue reading

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Olympic National Park, etc.

I had made elaborate plans to go backpacking with my brother while I was out in Seattle. Well, more like talked about having elaborate plans. Didn’t really settle on a plan until after I got out there. And it wasn’t … Continue reading

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Views from Cathedral Peak (make sure to use the terrain view) near Santa Barbara…looking out over said city, Goleta, SB Airport, UCSB, and a hint of the Channel Islands. Click on them to make them very very big. This is what the summit looks … Continue reading

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Interlaken, eh? (big mountains, crazy people)

So, Switzerland is pretty sweet. But you knew that. Or at least you should have. I don’t think I’ll try to describe it too much…since pictures are suppose to be worth 1000 words. And I have 28 of them, so … Continue reading

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