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Istanbul -> Uganda -> Dubai -> London

The number of pictures do not reflect the amount of time I spent in each country…48 hrs in Turkey, one month in Uganda, 7 hrs in Dubai, and 4 days in London. This (in Uganda) was my first time actually … Continue reading

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some pictures from the past few months

dinner for one snack for two *** At the National Zoo: No the keeper isn’t stabbing the cloud leopard, she’s just feeding her through the fence….and the meatball fell off. This is what pandas look like when they poop. And … Continue reading

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Clamstache Funtimes 2014

This was the most funnest time I had playing ultimate in awhile. Well I guess Potlatch was pretty tight (and Wildwood wasn’t half-bad this year), but this was far cheaper and generally doper. Both were great combination of good ultimate, … Continue reading

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I am officially giving up on finishing my travelogue…

…it’s been more than a year, it’s just not going to happen. Shit. Sorry. The pictures are on Google though I think. And maybe I’ll mention one or two things sometime…with the inevitable time warped perspectives…. Oh and plus I … Continue reading

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Israel, as seen from Jordan

After breakfast at the deserted eco-lodge I retraced my steps and climbed away from the Dead Sea basin and up to the highlands towards an official viewpoint/informational museum. It was a pretty modern conservation center/office complex that had quite a … Continue reading

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